6 Questions to Ask an Auto Injury Lawyer

Securing suitable compensation for your injuries and other losses after a car accident can be a gruesome affair. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, car accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States for persons aged one to 54 years. Car accidents happen due to various factors and have devastating consequences both physically and financially.

If you find yourself injured in an auto accident, you may have to deal with not only medical bills but also loss of income and damage to your property or vehicle. You should contact an auto injury lawyer if you have been involved in an auto car accident, as they will represent your interests during settlement negotiations with your insurance company. Most auto injury lawyers offer free consultation services to help you determine whether your auto injury litigation will be helpful or not. Here are six questions you should ask an auto injury lawyer during your consultation.

What Are Your Fees?

When you find yourself injured in a car accident, it is wise to seek the services of an auto injury lawyer. You should ask your lawyer about what they charge. Most lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t have to pay the fees until you recover monetary compensation from your personal injury lawsuit. You should also inquire about additional costs that may be associated with your case, like court fees or expert witnesses. Understanding the costs of hiring an auto injury lawyer can help you make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed with your case.

If I Lose the Case, Will I Be Responsible For Case-Related Costs?

It’s common to wonder who will be responsible for any case-related costs should you lose an auto injury case. While car accident cases differ in nature, you won’t be subjected to pay for things like court fees, expert witness fees, or the cost of copying documents. You may, however, be responsible for paying your lawyer’s fees. You should discuss these issues with your lawyer beforehand so that you know what to expect.

How Much Time Can You Devote to My Case?

Many lawyers tend to take on a variety of cases at the same time. They may push your case back on the pile of cases they may be working on, which is why you need to ask your personal injury lawyer about how much time they will devote to your case. Make it known that your case requires utmost urgency and if they have a heavy caseload or are juggling multiple clients, they may not give your case the attention it deserves.

Will My Case Go to Trial? What Is the Success Rate if it Does?

Asking your lawyer whether your case will go to trial is essentially asking them to predict the future. No lawyer can provide a 100% guarantee to this question. Should you encounter an auto injury lawyer who tells you from the get-go that your case is going to settle, be wary of them. Your personal injury lawyer should expect every case to go to trial and do the necessary preparations as if your case will be tried before a jury. That way, you can start negotiating settlements with the defendant armed with adequate evidence. This will ensure that you get a well-deserved settlement. If your case goes to trial, a reliable lawyer will give you a general outlook of what it entails and its success rate if it does go to trial. If you have a strong case and are represented by a competent lawyer, your chances of success tend to be much higher.

What Is My Case Worth?

Auto injury lawyers will generally have a good idea of what your case is worth once they learn all the necessary information about it. At the very least, your lawyer should be able to provide you with a spectrum and explain to you how various factors like preexisting medical problems, liability, and discovery may impact settlement offers or the verdict of your case. Make sure to do your research and make use of your good judgment when evaluating a potential lawyer’s claim. Be wary of lawyers who make estimates that seem unrealistic.

What Is My Role During the Lawsuit?

Before you hire an auto injury lawyer, make sure to ask them about the role you will play and what is expected of you during the lawsuit. Some people prefer being involved in their cases by attending meetings and depositions. Some lawyers allow this and others don’t, so be sure to inquire about this. The majority of clients let their lawyers handle their auto injury cases for them while they remain on the sidelines. Make sure that both you and your lawyer agree on what arrangement suits your case best.

Hiring an auto injury lawyer can be a daunting task. You need to ask these important questions if you want to find a reliable lawyer who will represent you in court. If you require an auto injury lawyer, give the Law Offices of Burton and Beale a call today. We will provide you with a qualified and reliable personal injury lawyer for your case.

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