5 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Estate Planning ASAP

It’s good to be prepared for the unexpected, which is why hiring an estate attorney is so important. However, only a minority of Americans have a documented estate plan. In fact, according to Legal Zoom, only 33% of U.S. adults have documented their end-of-life plans.

People take this step because they know how important it is to leave their family with no ambiguity or stress. It’s best to start planning with an estate attorney as soon as possible, as the need could arise at any time. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why it should be a major priority.

1. Unforeseeable Accidents

Unfortunately, none of us are able to see into the future. An accident could happen at any time that leaves you incapacitated. Without a plan in place, your family will have to split up the estate through a court process.

Instead of leaving your family to figure things out on their own, you should write up a detailed estate plan with your estate attorney. If a sudden accident were to ever occur, your family could have some comfort knowing the affairs have already been taken care of. That way, they can focus on grieving.

2. Stress and Uncertainty

The day-to-day stresses of life can already be enough for most. These stresses can become compounded when you know there is no plan in place if the worst were to take place. Over time, this stress can wear down on you and could even have the potential to worsen health problems.

There is also a great deal of stress on your family when the time comes to organize your funeral and split up your estate. This could even drive a wedge between the people you love. Without a proper plan, disputes and even legal battles could arise between your family members. There will be no room for debate, however, when the division of your assets is laid out on paper.

All the stress isn’t necessary. If you take the time to plan with an estate attorney, you’ll be able to rest your mind at ease knowing your affairs are taken care of. You may find that your mental and even physical health improves once this burden is lifted. You’ll be able to move on and focus on the things that matter, like living life to the fullest!

3. Privacy

When you hire an estate attorney, you’ll be able to keep your matters private by creating an inheritance via a trust. Any assets passed through a trust will not be a matter of public record, and therefore will not be allocated through a probate court. The last thing your family wants to do is go through the court process while they’re grieving. Planning your estate can make grieving and organizing your estate much easier for them.

4. Medical Decisions

There could come a day in which you become incapacitated and are unable to make your wishes known to your family. Even if you trust them to do what’s best for you, it can be good to know that you’ve left them with detailed plans and instructions to ease their worries. After all, if all the decisions have already been made, your family can focus on caring for you instead of worrying about which steps they should take.

5. Funeral Arrangements

If you were to pass away after becoming incapacitated, then your family would come to face the daunting challenge of arranging a funeral. Not only would they have to make big decisions when it comes to expenses, but also the method of burial. They may even make a mistake if they don’t realize your wishes, such as burying you when you actually wanted a cremation.

When you make a detailed plan with your estate attorney, nothing will be left up to interpretation or guessing. Your family will know exactly how to move forward with the funeral. You can even set aside a fund for the funeral so no one is left scrambling for money.

Don’t waste any time! Meet with an estate attorney as soon as you can to make sure your affairs are in order. You can rely on the Law Offices of Burton & Beale to help with your planning, as we’ve been offering personalized service for more than 60 years. Call us today to get started with a free initial consultation.

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