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Our boutique law firm is driven by excellent communication. From the moment you reach out to hire an attorney at Burton & Beale, you can expect prompt responses. We promise all of our clients a response within 24 hours and constant contact with your lawyer, not a case manager or other non-lawyer. During the initial consultation, it’s our goal to better understand you and your unique legal issues.

We use these conversations to create the legal strategy for your case, including a deep awareness of what factors are most important to you in settlement and trial. This approach makes us powerful and adaptable advocates for our clients, guiding them through a complex legal process while keeping the client’s needs front and center.

Our practice is built on the legacy of serving local clients one on one. We believe that you should be able to work with someone who puts your needs first and a lawyer who will be accessible to you throughout your relationship. Giving this attention to our clients is what sets Burton & Beale apart.

We know and love Northern Colorado and the Denver Metro area and are passionate about helping Littleton and Loveland clients in three primary practice areas: personal injury, medical and dental malpractice, and estate planning.

Personal Injury

Clients injured in slip and falls, dangerous products, or car accident cases may have the legal right to recover compensation by pursuing a personal injury claim. Our lawyers help to determine the accident cause, total damages, and potentially liable parties. From evaluating a possible claim to working through settlement or taking the case to trial, your attorney will communicate with you about what to expect so you can make informed decisions. Our track record of success prove that Alexander Beale and Rebecca Burton are not afraid to take your case to trial and win.

Medical Malpractice

When a doctor or dentist fails to uphold the standard of care in treating you, and you suffer damages as a result, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover compensation. There are many complex factors influencing dental and medical malpractice claims, and both require victims to file claims in a timely fashion. The attorneys at Burton & Beale have the legal experience and medical knowledge to fight for your rights when a medical or dental provider lets you down.

Trusts and Estates Law

From the basics of creating a will to full estate planning strategies for asset protection, elder law planning, and incapacity planning, we work with individuals and families in preserving their legacies. Alexander Beale and Rebecca Burton believe that it’s never too early to start planning your estate, but it can always be too late. Poor or nonexistent estate planning can cause unneeded stress when clients are pursuing their dreams and passions. By planning your estate now, you can protect what’s most important to you and ensure a smooth transition of assets to your chosen beneficiaries.

This reduces confusion and estate disputes later. We create customized estate planning strategies based on your assets, your wishes, and the people you love and cherish. After working with us, you’ll be prepared with a plan that helps address your needs now and one that we can evolve together in the future as circumstances need. The attorneys at Burton & Beale proudly maintain relationships with their estate planning clients for decades after the initial planning is done, ensuring that whatever happens in your life, your estate plan is updated to preserve your legacy.

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Rebecca Burton is an amazing lawyer! She is smart, thoughtful, and patient with her clients. When I need an attorney, I want Ms. Burton to represent me.
Great service and everyone there is so nice! Alex was able to get our claim taken care of fast and was really easy to work with! Highly recommended!
Alex has been so helpful and dedicated for helping me out after my motorcycle accident. He has an amazing team and definitely would recommend his team again for future use,but also to others. If you want a lawyer who is dedicated to getting you the best possible results and isn’t afraid of putting in the hard work, he is your man! Definitely know what's he's doing and will go above and beyond for ur personal injury. Best team I know here in the Colorado area.
Rebecca is a great Attorney:)
I can't tell you how many times I've seen big "cookie cutter" lawyers not give their clients the time of day. It seems like they're just trying to turn and burn clients for a quick settlement for pennies on the dollar. Do you really want to be one of 100 numbers in a manilla folder?If you want a knowledgable and personable lawyer who actually cares about maximizing value for his clients, Alexander is your man. His acumen, integrity, and results far exceed anything I've seen seen at larger firms. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't at least consider him for your case.
I trust Beale Legal Counselors with all of my legal needs. Whether it’s Injury, Wills, or a general legal inquiry, I know Alex will work tirelessly for me!
If you want a superior lawyer who is professional, knowledgeable and caring, then Alexander from Beale Legal Counselors is your choice.
If you are looking for superior legal representation in the Denver area then Beale Legal is it. Knowledgeable, dedicated, and they will walk you through each step of your case.
Alexander is a fantastic lawyer with a lot of integrity. He is genuine, professional and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal injury law. If you want a lawyer who is dedicated to getting you the best possible results and isn’t afraid of putting in the hard work, he is your man!
I needed help on a litigation and luckily I found mr Beale who helped with passion and professionalism. He made me feel comfortable at every stage of the process and we eventually won the case! If you’re unsure, don’t worry you won’t regret it
If you need help with compensation for an accident, this is the place to go for absolutely the best representation!
I've used Beale legal counselors on 2 cases and got personal attention for each case, no matter the size of the case. I would highly recommend using them for personal injury cases.
Mr Beale was amazing with my case! He talked me through everything and kept me in the loop the whole time. All the lawyer talk can be confusing, but Mr Beale explained everything in a way I could understand, he made me feel empowered. I really appreciate all his hard work! 10/10 would recommend
Knowledgable, caring, and thoughtful counselor I had the pleasure to collaborate with. Responds in a timely manner and always has a professional attitude. I would recommend his services to my friends and family.
We have used the expertise of Burton and Burton on more than one occasion. Rebecca and team are professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
I have found Rebecca Burton to be knowledgeable, professional and yet down to earth. She listens and encourages conversation, which helps the process develop for my best interest.
We are so thankful to Rebecca and her loving staff, Connie and Sherri.We cannot recommend them enough. Excellent communication over 3 years, they feel like good friends in our corner. Strong and willing to go the long run with you..What mattered most is that I could tell they cared about me and my injury..and listened to me. 🥰
I absolutely love Rebecca! She's a great human and had been of immense help.
Rebecca has been outstanding to work with and is a sharp and compassionate attorney with whom you would be very well taken care of. Thank you, Burton and Burton
Extremely professional attorneys who are dedicated to understanding the depth of personal injury impact and working hard to argue for those who have suffered from life -altering accidents. I would trust this firm explicitly to handle a personal injury case.
Wife and I contacted Burton & Burton a couple weeks ago regarding the need to get our affairs in order. We had some special circumstances that needed to be considered in our Will with regards to a child with special health issues.Rebecca spend a fair amount of time with us and helped us through the process. Two weeks later we had our Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Will all put together and completed. She sat with us for two hours going over each section in the documents in order to make sure we understood the purpose and need for each statement.Overall, I'd recommend Burton & Burton to anyone needing good legal advice.
Burton and Burton Law Offices have been exceptionally professional to deal with. Among the attorney's I've visited in Loveland, Rebecca Burton's experience and professionalism is unmatched. I would highly recommend this law firm.

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